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Norman "Indy" Stiles

Published in Treasure Hunters
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Norman "Indy" Stiles

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  • Country: USA
  • Favorite Hunting Areas: Wherever Treasure Can Be Found
  • Hunter of the Week: Yes

Hello my fellow Treasure Hunters it's a new week and you know what that means, yes a New Treasure Mountain Detectors Featured Treasure Hunter of the Week and we bring you legendary treasure hunter and detectorist Norman "Indy" Stiles.

 Folks let me tell you that when it comes to experience on a metal detector, I very seriously doubt you will find someone that has more than Indy. Yeah yeah you hear people say I have been detecting for 15 - 20 years or maybe some say 25 - 35 years. Maybe you have met one person or just heard someone else say they knew a person that has been detecting for 40 - 45 years but not likely. Guess what my fellow Treasure Hunters, Indy Stiles has been metal detecting for 57 years, no he is not 57 years old, he has been detecting for 57 years!!!! Indy began metal detecting in 1956, with a metal detector that ran on 5 radio tubes and a 45 volt battery and by the way yes he is still treasure hunting today.  Over the years he has won dozens of metal detecting competitions and found thousands of treasures in the ground. Indy is so experienced with a metal detector that these days he averages finding a coin every 1 to 2 minutes for the usual 3 to 4 hours he hunts every day. Indy has also probably found more tiny gold (like bb size, earring backs and toe rings) than any other detectorist in the world, lets just put it this way he has masterd that part of detecting.  Oh yeah and to make it even better, you know how most of us have our up to date technological metal detectors that cost anywhere from $200 to $2000 , Indy out hunts treasure hunters like us on a daily basis with an old Compadre. Honestly, a treasure hunter with the experience he has could probably out hunt most of us with our modern detectors with a detector from the eighties. Which just goes to show you its not all the machine, its you knowing the machine, experience and research that makes you a successful treasure hunter.


Norman "Indy" Stiles, I must say is a very interesting treasure hunter and for you all that know him, I am sure you agree. He is a great guy and a friend of Treasure Mountain Detectors and he has a WEALTH of knowledge. Indy has written several books and one of them I must recommend is The Metal Detecting Secrets which is his latest book. I was fortunate enough for Indy to send me one and I found it  intriguing, informing, and there was a lot of tips and techniques I learned from this book. Every treasure hunter should read this book, put it this way we all are looking to learn tips to make us better treasure hunters from other treasure hunters that know more than us, well folks Indy knows more than you do about metal detecting. I do not think it is released yet on the web to buy but if your interested in buying one just contact Indy yourself, like I said he is a great guy and always ready to talk to a fellow treasure hunter, email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Unfortunately, I do not have any of Indys finds pics or videos because it does not use the internet that much, but the good thing is he has a lot of them in his new book. Well my friends I always encourage you to sign up for the newsletter and to vote for your favorite treasure hunters at the top right of their bio page and until next week I wish you happy hunting.




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Master Treasure Hunter Ed Huffman is one of a very small handful of these modern day treasure hunters. Ed has gained years of experience while hunting for treasures and learning effective researching and hunting methods from his own hunts and other expert treasure hunters. He doesn't just hunt for lost treasure. He finds it. Most of his finds he has sold to private collectors and donated to museums. Treasure hunting is not just a dream for him. It is his business. A very BIG BUSINESS.

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