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Captain Bonnie Schubert

Published in Treasure Hunters
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Captain Bonnie Schubert

Quick Details

  • Country: USA
  • Favorite Hunting Areas: Wherever Treasure Can Be Found
  • Hunter of the Week: Yes

Hello my fellow Treasure Hunters, it’s a new week so that means there is a NEW Featured Treasure Hunter of the Week at Treasure Mountain Detectors and it is Captain Bonnie Schubert.

Captain Bonnie is a veteran Treasure Diver with over 20 years of experience and actually started with the great Treasure Diver Harold Holden. Before Bonnie started treasure diving she had actually grew up in Eleuthera  a small island in the Bahamas so she was no stranger to tales of Pirate Gold and sunken treasure ships. But, at an early age before she discovered Treasure Diving she would explore the beaches for treasure. One of Bonnie’s first wreck  finds was a can of Danish Butter and you bet as any true Treasure Hunter she used it with her meals!!!!  Captain Bonnie has had many great finds such as gold coins, silver, bullet casings, pottery and even a 300 year old piece of leather!!!! Everyone is probably thinking yeah that it is pretty cool but nothing any other veteran Treasure Diver has not found. Well folks I think you should check this next find out that I am about to mention because this is what sets Captain Bonnie apart from the other Treasure Divers. Captain Bonnie found and recovered a SOLID GOLD reliquary in the form of a Pelican from the 1715 Fleet!!!!  It gets even better folks this treasure find turned out to be  " Pelican in Piety"-- representing the legend of the 'mother pelican' wounding her breast to feed her young on the droplets of her own blood and used as a symbol of Christ's sacrifice.  Standing  5-1/2 inches tall, the avian relic weighs 177 grams and she tests out at 22 karats of pure gold and was appraised at $885,000!!!!

 You can still find Captain Bonnie Treasure diving off the coast of Florida and in the Caribbean on the Gold Hawg with her trusty crew which includes her mother and no one else.  Also check out Captain Bonnie’s Facebook and her website . Captain Bonnie Schubert is great Treasure Hunter and an overall great person who is a good friend of Treasure Mountain Detectors . Remember folks to vote for your favorite Treasure hunters at the top right of their bio page and feel free to subscribe to our newsletter to get all of the updates and to find out what is going on in the treasure world. Remember to also check out a pic of Captain Bonnie’s great find below.




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Learn More About Ed Huffman

Ed Huffman is an Expert Metal Detectorist with years of experience and extensive training with Metal Detectors. Ed has gained years of experience and knowledge while hunting for artifacts/relics by learning effective researching and hunting methods from his own hunts, experts and Archaeologists. Ed also has a Bachelors of Science Degree from the University of Tennessee Chattanooga and is currently working on his Masters Degree in Archaeology from the University of Leicester in England. He has researched and recovered artifacts/relics throughout the United States and hopes to recover artifacts throughout the world someday! The majority of his recovered artifacts/relics he has in his personal collection or has donated to Museums, Private Collectors and Businesses.

Visit his official Ebay store at or shop at his web store Either way, you're sure to get a great deal and advice.

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