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W.C. Jameson

Published in Treasure Hunters
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W.C. Jameson

Quick Details

  • Country: USA
  • Favorite Hunting Areas: Wherever Treasure Can Be Found
  • Hunter of the Week: Yes

Hello my fellow Treasure Hunters this week our Featured Treasure Hunter of the Week is one of my personal favorites and as real of a Treasure Hunter as they come, let me introduce you to WC Jameson. 


Let me tell you my fellow Treasure Hunters, I have been a fan of WC ever since I read my first Buried Treasures book (you know the ones like Buried Treasures of the South, Buried Treasures of Texas, Buried Treasures of New England, etc....) yes folks this is the man who wrote all of them and about 70 other Treasure related books too. You can get a list of all of his books here and you can purchase them from numerous other places like Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Speaking of all of his books they are great references for a good point to start your own search for some of these treasures because WC has personally done the research for you. I have read quite a few of WC's books and I highly recommend them. I would often think to myself how great it would be to go on one of these expeditions with WC until I read his latest book Treasure Hunter (if you do not have this book then go buy it, every Treasure Hunter should own a copy). This book goes more into detail about what really goes on during these treasure hunting expeditions. I am really amazed that WC is still alive folks, during his expeditions hunting and finding treasures. WC has encountered too many near death experiences involving deadly confrontations with poisonous snake filled mines, curses, spirits protecting treasures, booby traps, floods and other treasure hunters. I would have to put some thought into going with WC on a treasure hunt but like all of us Treasure Hunters that is the adventures and dangers we are willing to encounter and endure to find treasure.(So, in other words yes I would go on a treasure hunt with WC, I would have to be crazy not WC has found millions of dollars’ worth of treasures in his life and actually knows where millions of dollars’ worth of gold and silver treasures still are to this day. Fellow Treasure Hunters you’re probably thinking if he knows where it is, why does he not go get it? Well folks this is why, most of us are used to recovering silver coins, gold coins, relics, jewelry...etc... WC finds and recovers Caches of Silver and Gold Ingots (for those who do not know what that is, it is a solid Silver or Gold bar weighing 25 to 40 lbs. a piece!!!!). So, by the time you have picked up 2 of them you could be hauling 80 lbs. out of an area that you cannot even get any type of transportation into and you still have to hike a day or 2 to get to your vehicle.

So my friends, you will see no pics or videos of WC's finds and you will never know any of his crew which only come together to discuss and find treasure. Honestly, you will probably never even talk to WC which some have claimed to do on the Treasure Forums and Face Book, sorry to tell you but you were talking to his associates who handle that for him. WC believes the more incognito you are while researching, hunting and recovering treasure the more successful of a Treasure Hunter you will be and I have to say I agree. My friends, WC is a great guy, author, song writer and a friend of Treasure Mountain Detectors. Remember folks always vote for your favorite treasure hunters at the top of the page and subscribe to our newsletter for special deals and the latest and greatest treasure related news.


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Learn More About Ed Huffman

Ed Huffman is an Expert Metal Detectorist with years of experience and extensive training with Metal Detectors. Ed has gained years of experience and knowledge while hunting for artifacts/relics by learning effective researching and hunting methods from his own hunts, experts and Archaeologists. Ed also has a Bachelors of Science Degree from the University of Tennessee Chattanooga and is currently working on his Masters Degree in Archaeology from the University of Leicester in England. He has researched and recovered artifacts/relics throughout the United States and hopes to recover artifacts throughout the world someday! The majority of his recovered artifacts/relics he has in his personal collection or has donated to Museums, Private Collectors and Businesses.

Visit his official Ebay store at or shop at his web store Either way, you're sure to get a great deal and advice.

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