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Dr. Tones 24k

Published in Treasure Hunters
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Dr. Tones 24k

Quick Details

  • Country: USA
  • Favorite Hunting Areas: Wherever Treasure Can Be Found
  • Hunter of the Week: Yes

Hello My Fellow Treasure Hunters! It’s been a while but Treasure Mountain Metal Detectors has its first Featured Treasure Hunter of 2014 and it is You Tube Phenom with over 2,000 subscribers Dr. Tones24k of Dirt Fishin America!

Dr. Tones 24k was born and raised in in Placer County, CA where just about everyone is a Gold Prospector! So, coming from a family of Gold Dredgers he had a knack for prospecting and became interested in detecting for nuggets. Dr. Tones 24k got his first detector in2003. After having moderate success detecting for gold nuggets he soon became interested in finding coins and relics when he was unable to make it into the gold fields. Since then Dr. Tones24k has been addicted to finding anything and everything just like the rest of us Treasure Hunters. What he told me next, I know most of you can really relate too and especially myself. Dr. Tones24k said the things about detecting he loved the most was the history! He loves holding history and being able to learn about the items he finds and documenting the whole process from researching a site, hunting a site, finding an item and then telling the story of that item. Even more he loves the camaraderie that Treasure Hunters share and detecting with friends and fellow Treasure Hunters every chance he gets. It's not fun celebrating good finds alone! Dr. Tones 24k favorite finds include a 1798 draped bust LC that he found in Boise, Idaho. This might not be that big of a deal to some of you but no doubt it is a great find but guess what folks this is more than a great find… you know why? Well, let me give you a brief history lesson Idaho didn't even become a state until 1891! The only people in this area during that time were French fur trappers and Lewis and Clark. I am not saying this was a coin Lewis and Clark lost but hey you never know there was just a handful of people in that area at that time….just sayin! Dr. Tones 24k has many great finds including two Barber halves that he found in the same hole, Wild West civil war artifacts from the Indian wars circa 1865-1870, an 1896 Elgin gold pocket watch and an 1885 V nickel found during a very productive street tear out! Wow…That is some really nice finds, especially that 1896 Gold Gold Elgin Pocket Watch! Dr. Tones 24k is really a nice guy and feel free to contact him on FB . Dr. Tones 24k and his crew is making their way across the country this spring in the hopes of meeting up with some of YOU! Dr. Tones 24k wants to hunt with you on your home turf and document the whole thing! I have to say folks this is a great idea and hopefully they will make their way to Treasure Mountain and you just might see Master Treasure Hunter Ed Huffman on the famous and I have to admit one of my favorite You Tube channel’s Dirt Fishin America .   Dr. Tones 24k has mentioned if you would like to show him and his crew around your neck of the woods please contact him ASAP at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and to keep it low and swing it slow my friends. Dr. Tones 24k is a true Treasure Hunter and friend of Treasure Mountain Metal Detectors. Remember to check out his pics and video listed below and to vote at the top of the page if you like it. Treasure Mountain Metal Detectors has all of your Treasure Hunting Equipment at the best price possible!



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Learn More About Ed Huffman

Ed Huffman is an Expert Metal Detectorist with years of experience and extensive training with Metal Detectors. Ed has gained years of experience and knowledge while hunting for artifacts/relics by learning effective researching and hunting methods from his own hunts, experts and Archaeologists. Ed also has a Bachelors of Science Degree from the University of Tennessee Chattanooga and is currently working on his Masters Degree in Archaeology from the University of Leicester in England. He has researched and recovered artifacts/relics throughout the United States and hopes to recover artifacts throughout the world someday! The majority of his recovered artifacts/relics he has in his personal collection or has donated to Museums, Private Collectors and Businesses.

Visit his official Ebay store at or shop at his web store Either way, you're sure to get a great deal and advice.

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