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Learn about talented treasure hunters. Check out some of the latest finds including rare coins, civil war memorabilia & more!

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Secret Treasure Newsletter

Get the latest treasure finds, news, and 'secret' deals from our store.

Latest Treasure Finds

1857 Flying Eagle One Cent

Just to let you know how rare this coin is… The Flying Eagle One Cent Graded in a High Quality condition could fetch up to $20,000.00! This one I’m not sure of the money value but I have no intentions of selling it anyways! This is a first time find for me and honestly probably will never find another one! So, this one will be going into the Treasure Mountain Museum for everyone to enjoy!

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1773 Virginia Halfpenny

"Great Research Equals Great Finds" - Treasure Hunter Ed Huffman!

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XP Deus Metal Detector Amazes Again!

Master Treasure Hunter Ed Huffman Took the XP Deus Metal Detector to a spot that  he has pounded with other numeous high end detectors and look what he found!

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Silver Finds For The Year 2014..... So Far!

Master Treasure Hunter Ed Huffman's Silver Finds For The Year 2014..... So Far!

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Civil War Relics Dug By Master Treasure Hunter Ed Huffman Using The Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

Civil War Relics Dug by Master Treasure Hunter Ed Huffman at the Battle Of Armstrong Hill in the Tennessee Mountains.

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Silver Coin Spill Found By Master Treasure Hunter Ed Huffman

Hello my fellow Treasure Hunters! Master Treasure Hunter Ed Huffman has done it once again!

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